Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) is meant to provide users of «VKmusic Social» and «Ru SaveFrom Social» information on which data is collected, processed and used after collection as well as the condition on which the use of «VKmusic Social» and «Ru SaveFrom Social».

Terms of Use . About copyrights and piracy.

VKmusic Social and Ru SaveFrom Social are for informational purposes only, thanks to which you have the opportunity to download media files (audio, video) from the VKontakte social network. We are against piracy, so the user who installed our extension agrees to remove it within 24 hours after installation or to take care of paying for the copyright yourself. We disclaim all responsibility for what purposes VKmusic Social and Ru SaveFrom Social will be used.

Collected Information

The information we may collect is non-identifying information which can be provided or collected using «VKmusic Social» and «Ru SaveFrom Social» ("Non-Personal Information”). We do not know and cannot identify the personality of the user from whom we have received the information. Collected Non-Personal Information includes browser usage information of the User. «VKmusic Social» and «Ru SaveFrom Social» collects data from your browser in order to provide and improve our products and services, software update, dynamic content operation, support for extensions, and get an idea of how our services are used based on your consent. When collecting non-personalized watch history and analytics, «VKmusic Social» and «Ru SaveFrom Social» uses only domains that cannot be used for your identification (incomplete URL) of visited websites and nothing more. Disable information transmission on the use of your browser with the aim to limit data collection from your browser to only those needed for running this extension. «VKmusic Social» and «Ru SaveFrom Social» does not collect and transfer cookies, passwords, email addresses or any other individual identified information. If you contact us we can keep the Personal Information provided by you voluntarily, for example, your name and email address, if such information will be used exclusively for communication with you. All information will be kept for minimum period of time needed for implementation and support our operating aims and must be destroyed as specified in the Privacy Policy. «VKmusic Social» and «Ru SaveFrom Social» may use diverse analytic services to process information on how our extension is used. We limit the data sent to these services and do it with the aim to improve our extension.

Use of Cookies

When you first download «VKmusic Social» and «Ru SaveFrom Social», the extension generates for you an accidental (anonymous) identifier that will be used latter for communication with our services. When using «VKmusic Social» and «Ru SaveFrom Social» it sends information on the identifier, query’s date and time, and host name for each site visited by you to «VKmusic Social» and «Ru SaveFrom Social» servers to identify visited websites and get their rating information. This information will be kept only temporarily and will be destroyed in a month. «VKmusic Social» and «Ru SaveFrom Social» uses cookies. Cookies are snippet of information kept on hard disk or browser of your computer. The use of cookies is standard practice in this business area. Cookies prevents from access and/or viewing of other information on your computer. If you do not want to receive cookies, or if you want to receive notification on when they are hosted, you can set the necessary parameters in presence of corresponding function in your Web browser. You should understand that if cookies are disabled, you will not be able to use some parts of «VKmusic Social» and «Ru SaveFrom Social» or specific functions of «VKmusic Social» and «Ru SaveFrom Social».

Personal Information Disclosure

«VKmusic Social» and «Ru SaveFrom Social» does not collect or disclose any Personal Information. When the User creates such information, «VKmusic Social» and «Ru SaveFrom Social» will not disclose any Personal Information to the third parties or affiliated companies, collaboration partners or another similar organizations without your evident consent.

Gathered Data Interexchange with the Third Parties and Informing

For research, analytical and related purposes your Non-Personal Information may be submitted to some companies. To have the possibility to provide «VKmusic Social» and «Ru SaveFrom Social» for free, we limit the data sent to these companies, and do it only to keep our activity. Such data products will include only Non-Personal Information and will not be transferred to the third parties for any purposes associated with tracing, identifying or targeting of individual users. In order to keep our activity, periodically we may send you promotional and informational messages on «VKmusic Social» and «Ru SaveFrom Social» services and other products, services or information that we think may be interesting for you.

Links to and Interaction with Third Party Products

«VKmusic Social» and «Ru SaveFrom Social» may interoperate with or contain links to the third parties websites and applications, including social networking platforms which we don’t control or own (either of which is a “Third Party Provider”). This Privacy Policy shall not cover any access to such interfaced web sites and applications as well as their usage, but they are governed by the privacy policy of these third parties. We disclaim any responsibility for the information practices the third parties websites or applications, and recommend you to read the Privacy Policy of each Third Party Provider.

Information Security

«VKmusic Social» and «Ru SaveFrom Social» keeps the law on personal information and other rules and regulations applicable to the private information and privacy protection. «VKmusic Social» and «Ru SaveFrom Social» uses reasonable efforts for the prevention of unauthorized access to any information reported by «VKmusic Social» and «Ru SaveFrom Social». All information provided due to «VKmusic Social» and «Ru SaveFrom Social» is effectively protected. «VKmusic Social» and «Ru SaveFrom Social» uses best endeavors to avoid disclosure of Personal Information. This involves use of diverse modern methods of anonymization, data cleaning and aggregation to identify and delete Personal Information from collected by us information in order to store only Non-Personal Information. Our data bases keep all anonymous usage information collected by «VKmusic Social» and «Ru SaveFrom Social», and we implement reasonable measures to ensure its safety. Nevertheless, neither data base nor server is 100% protected, and we cannot ensure absolute security of your data on our system or during transfer online.

User Rights

Anytime the Users of «VKmusic Social» and «Ru SaveFrom Social» may cancel data exchange collected from using our extension by disabling collected statistics option in the extension settings. If you did it, your Non-Personal Information received from using of «VKmusic Social» and «Ru SaveFrom Social» won’t be collected no more and won’t be included in either product data used by us.


Please, read the Privacy Policy with your parents or legal guardian if you are under 18, and ask questions about things you do not understand. In accordance with the Policy of «VKmusic Social» and «Ru SaveFrom Social», persons under 18 must not provide «VKmusic Social» and «Ru SaveFrom Social» any information without the consent of one parent or legal guardian, and they may not be involved in legal acts in «VKmusic Social» and «Ru SaveFrom Social» without specified consent or if such actions aren’t’ authorized by applicable law.

Changes to Privacy Policy

New version shall be published in event of changes of key aspects of the Policy of «VKmusic Social» and «Ru SaveFrom Social» where we will inform you hereon. We recommend you to revise the Policy periodically for review small non-critical changes. Your further use of «VKmusic Social» and «Ru SaveFrom Social» on entry into force of any update version of the Policy will be treated as your consent with updated and changed Privacy Policy. Thank you for your time and interest to read our Policy of «VKmusic Social» and «Ru SaveFrom Social». Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems or questions on any aspect of the Privacy Policy of «VKmusic Social» and «Ru SaveFrom Social». We look forward welcoming your questions and feedback.